TOP 31 of 2014! by Will Navarro

2014 is coming to an end with 31 Days left, how can I put a year into words? I can't that's why I'm a photographer, so these next 31 Days I'll be posting PHOTO OF THE DAY to share thanks to everyone I had the privilege to work with on shoots, projects, and more! To the Models, Hair and Makeup Artists, Fashion Stylists, Agents, Assistants, and many others, this month is dedicated to you all! 

Day 1 of 31... in no particular order of favorite: 

"Through which Viewfinder?"

© Will Navarro Photography

#miPolaroidProject: Emily by Will Navarro

How's the phrase go...

"a Polaroid a day will keep the photographer having to buy more; but you know what I'm ok with it. "

Shot w/ my new Fujifilm Instax 210 camera courtesy of my friends Stan & Mercedes

© Will Navarro Photography