Morgan's Back! by Will Navarro

Morgan has always been a muse in front of my camera, I can always rely on her to come back and model for me for a new idea or just to get some inspiration going. She's a trooper and perfect subject to have some time to kill in the studio. Thanks Morgan. 

Model: Morgan B. / @morgan_t_berschauer

MUAH: Courtney Orr / @orr_mua

Shot at WNPStudios 

© Will Navarro Photography

Jess Angeles - HMM LA by Will Navarro

Model: Jess Angeles                    Agency: HMM LA - @HollywoodModelManagement

Wardrobe by Concrete Runway / @concreterunway_

FridayThe13th: Color Mischief w/ Hanne by Will Navarro

Customary to fit the theme of Friday the 13th, today's post brings back the eerie nature of a day brought by mystery. My friend/colleague/photographer/model Hanne C. stepped in to shoot with me for this amazing shoot, published in CXIII Magazine last spring 2014. Thanks Hanne and Berenice for amazing Makeup work. 

Model: Hanne C. 

MUAH: Berenice G. 

© Will Navarro Photography

4 & 5 of 31: Birthday Royalty by Will Navarro

Happy Friday Followers, 

Sorry for the miscue and delay for yesterdays' post so today we're making it a Double Shot. 

In honor of her Birthday today and upcoming competition in Miss California 2014, today's post is dedicated to Morgan Taylor! She played a heavy role in my life and career this year, as I continued to grow and build my photography she was most ever willing to step in front the camera for me. She a natural in front and the back might I add, talented photographer, creative and motivated!

Check out her work at MorganTaylorPhoto.com

 So have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY Miss Morgan! 

© Will Navarro Photography


#MondayMorningInspiration: Anna by Will Navarro

You have to ask yourself, what drives your inspiration in your work, what drives you to pick up your camera everyday! For me its the opportunity to meet new people, sit in the studio and create! Create the reflections of the natural beauty in front of me! 

I introduce @annaluyzacardoso, an up and coming actress in Hollywood! Keep your eye out for her! 

More from this series to come! 

© Will Navarro Photography

Daily Set: Maggie by Will Navarro

Friends come in all sorts, but a friend whom you've had the opportunity to grow up with all your life is something you truly cherish! Friends for over 20 years, I introduce my friend Maggie G. came down on a Saturday afternoon to have some fun in the studio. Thanks Mag! 

Model: Maggie G. 

© Will Navarro Photography

Daily Set: Hanne C. by Will Navarro

I always love shooting with my friend Hanne, helping her on her project I took the opportunity to capture a shot here and there too! Always love the results we get! Thanks Hanne. Check out her work at http://hanneclarke.com

© Will Navarro Photography