Isabela Moner - EveryGirl Campaign by Will Navarro

"Every girl wants the same thing - to be accepted and loved for who she is. I created this shirt to show the world that we're more alike than we are different. Us girls have to uplift one another rather than bring each other down. To "Every Girl" out there, this shirt is for you!" - Isabela

You can see Isabela in the upcoming Michael Bay's Tranformers 5: The Last Knight

Check out Isabela's "EveryGirl" collection at 

Photography by © Will Navarro Photography

#miPolaroidProject: Emily by Will Navarro

How's the phrase go...

"a Polaroid a day will keep the photographer having to buy more; but you know what I'm ok with it. "

Shot w/ my new Fujifilm Instax 210 camera courtesy of my friends Stan & Mercedes

© Will Navarro Photography