#TouristTuesday: In Rome w/ Amina by Will Navarro

I had the opportunity to meet Amina, a local model who lives in Rome while my visit. We had a great afternoon checking out the local area, grabbed some lunch after shoot. She wants to become a runway model for #FashionWeek and I'm sure we'll be seeing her soon, thanks Amina. 

© Will Navarro Photography

#ThrowbackThursday: In Ireland w/ John Davitt by Will Navarro

In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to visit my good friend John Davitt in his home cottage in Mayo, Ireland. An amazing and beautiful country filled with history and culture, John was showing me around his home roots as a child and we came across his old truck when he was younger still dug in to the very spot he left it behind after a tree had fallen on to it. Had amazing time in Ireland, thank you again John for hosting such a great trip. Till the next time...

John and his Jeep

© Will Navarro Photography

Inspiration Wednesdays: Photographer HollyAnne S. Faber by Will Navarro

© HollyAnne S. Faber

Every day can be an inspiration day, you meet and network with so many people through the day, it can only lead to being inspired and motivated to get out there and do more for your creative mind. 

Had the opportunity to collaborate with photographer HollyAnne S. Faber, originally from Seattle (Seahawks fan might I add) but now resides in Los Angeles. Her work captivated me through what the fundamentals of photography should be with a key and precise eye for color, composition and enriching the capture through what she sees through that viewfinder.  

Take a moment and view her work on her website: