Daily Post : Inspiration Mondays / by Will Navarro

Every day starts fresh with a new start with the never ending possibilities of ideas.  I always dedicate the start of the week as becoming Inspiration Mondays. 

I search for either the latest trend, tech, tip and/or image that will excite and inspire to say, "I can do that, let me go try it." 

So I share with you my first posting on my webpage of the series: Inspiration Mondays! 


Today's inspiration came from a good friend and colleague Beauty and Editorial Photographer Sara Strimpel. Following her blog and hearing her stories of motivation and creativity motivated me to rebuild my blog and get to posting more frequently.  Not only that but her work was such an inspiration itself, the colors, the stories behind the art, thats' what we all seek to create. So there we go, let us begin this journey of Shooting, Living, and Sharing. 

Visit Sara's website and Blog to see all her latest work: 


Till Next time,