2018 Recap! by Will Navarro

2018 was an amazing year, as who those who might not know the last 2 years i’ve had the opportunity to expand my career in Sports photography as an Assistant Team Photographer for the Los Angeles Rams, and with the highest honor to also join the Photography Staff at Andrew Bernstein Associates Photography. 2018 will be one of the most memorable of my life.

Looking forward to 2019, stay tuned for new content!


Kayla - INDUSTRY by Will Navarro

Model: Kayla Lewis                   Agency: INDUSTRY Management

Hair & Makeup: Fabiola R. / @_fabiolarodriquezmua

Studio: WNPStudio / @wnpstudio

© Will Navarro Photography

Muse - Kaitie by Will Navarro

I love being in my studio, setting the vibe, creating beautiful images of the most beautiful people I've come across. 

Yes I shoot professional models, but you know what to me its about the terminology but about the person, my subject, my muse. I've convinced family, friends, and colleagues to step in front of my lens so I may capture what I see in front of me and its simply one way of saying it: I want to capture YOU! 

I introduce to you my good friend Kaitie, and today she was my muse and it was a great shoot! 

Check out her images below: 

Morgan's Back! by Will Navarro

Morgan has always been a muse in front of my camera, I can always rely on her to come back and model for me for a new idea or just to get some inspiration going. She's a trooper and perfect subject to have some time to kill in the studio. Thanks Morgan. 

Model: Morgan B. / @morgan_t_berschauer

MUAH: Courtney Orr / @orr_mua

Shot at WNPStudios 

© Will Navarro Photography

Isabela Moner - EveryGirl Campaign by Will Navarro

"Every girl wants the same thing - to be accepted and loved for who she is. I created this shirt to show the world that we're more alike than we are different. Us girls have to uplift one another rather than bring each other down. To "Every Girl" out there, this shirt is for you!" - Isabela

You can see Isabela in the upcoming Michael Bay's Tranformers 5: The Last Knight

Check out Isabela's "EveryGirl" collection at Represent.com 

Photography by © Will Navarro Photography

Nessy Swimwear Summer 17' Catalog by Will Navarro

Nessy Swimwear Summer 17' goes LIVE today! 


Check out the latest summer beach wear by rising-star designer Vanessa Sanchez. 

Shot at WNPStudio, includes a BTS video from our catalog shoot! 


© Will Navarro Photography

Kara Royster - NUDE Magazine by Will Navarro

Kara Royster, actress in hit shows Supernatural & Pretty Little Liars. Featured on Nude Magazine. 

Check out the link below for the full article on Kara. 


Kara Royster @kararoyster             

Stylist: Andre Hammonds @all_about_andre

MUaH: Skyla Swafford @mua_skyla

Photo Assistant: Miguel D. @tlanavision


© Will Navarro Photography


"Keep Dreaming, Never Settle" w/ Brock O'Hurn by Will Navarro

Teaming up with Represent.com and actor/entrepreneur Brock O'Hurn; bringing awareness to the continuing pursuit of one's dreams. "Keep Dreaming, Never Settle" is a positive message Brock wants to spread as purchasing his clothing line with Represent.com proceeds go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 

Check out his apparel and cause on Represent.com

Instagram: @brockohurn      @represent

Here are some images from my shoot with Brock for his line. 

Jalanis to my Rescue! by Will Navarro

Jalanis came to rescue today, as our model for the shoot wasn't able to make it. Hoping to not make it a lost cause I asked her if she'd be interested in to doing a quick fun shoot. Wouldn't you know it she was down for it, previously modeling for me a few years ago when I was first starting photography and she was beginning her Makeup Artist career it was a partnership in the making. 

Thanks J for your time and of course your beautiful self! 

Check out her amazing work on her IG and Blog: 

Instagram: @ewwjalanis     Website: Jalanis.com

Dec 16' Issue - NUDE Mag by Will Navarro

NUDE Magazine December 2016 Issue - @nude.mag

View Issue: Click Here

Model: Nora O'Neil - @noraoneil

Agency: LA Models

Stylist: Raylene Pereyra

Wardrobe by: AreYouAmI - Website

Hair & Makeup: Alaina Wilson - @alainawilson15